How to keep your car disinfected from viruses and bacteria

How to keep your car disinfected from viruses and bacteria

After being confined, we are able to go out and return to some what of a routine. However, we must not let our guard down and we must continue to take extreme precautions to prevent a resurgence of the virus. For this reason, and because we believe that it is of vital importance, we propose you follow these steps to clean your car correctly and avoid infection, especially if you share the car with other people.

How to disinfect and clean the car?

Because a car is a small and closed space it is an environment that has a high risk of carrying infection, viruses and bacteria. A simple sneeze from an infected person can cause the rest of the passengers in the vehicle to become infected, specially since the virus is able to survive for several days on the surfaces of the vehicle. This is why we should take a series of measures to sanitise and disinfect our vehicles.

We must be especially careful in those areas that come into contact with our hands and follow a series of protocol measures.

1- Vacuuming the inside of the car

The firs step we must take to clean our car is to vacuum the interior deeply in order to remove any accumulated dirt. It is important to vacuum the inside and specially the carpets of the car, one of the elements that accumulate more dirt. It is necessary to take them out of the car and clean the with water and soap. If we have cloth mats, It is convenient to pass a bristle brush to remove the embedded dirt and then proceed to vacuum them to remove any remaining dirt.

2- Use an alcohol-based product for the most used areas

There are certain places of the car that we touch with our hands constantly: the stiring wheel, the door handle, the gear lever or the indicators. It is important that we clean these objects with alcohol-based cleaner and microfiber cloths. Don’t forget to clean the dashboard, the music system, the navigation system, window buttons and the door locks as well.

3- Clean the vehicle’s air vents

The small spaces between the cracks in the car’s air conditioning are difficult to clean with a cloth. That’s why we can resort to a foam brushes. It is advisable to clean the air conditionaning slits at least once a month. If we notice musty smell when we turn on the air conditioning, we can use a disinfectant spray cleaner to clean the ventilation system.

4- Clean the exterior bodywork with hot water and soap

Neither can we forget the exterior bodywork, which should be whased with water at a temperature above 60ยบ and soap. We can do it washing with a bucket of hot water with a soapy solucion and special sponge for bodywork. Do it hand wash it is the most recommended option to take care not to scratch the bodywork.

5- The best option without a doubt: The ozone treatment

Ozone is a gas capable of destroying all kinds of viruses, fungi and bacteria and converting them into substances that are completely harmless to human health. It is currently the best method of disinfecting the interior of a vehicle. It is especially efficient with microorganisms such as rotavirus and polio virus. It is also commonly used to disinfect operating theatres and is even used in certain medical treatments to disinfect localised areas.

One of the great virtues of ozone with respect to other disinfection solutions is its behaviour as a gas. As it is a gaseous substance, it can reach all kinds of corners and penetrate surfaces to disinfect them. In addition to leaving the cabin free of microorganisms, it also eliminates bad smells.

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